Top Five Payment Trends In 2022

As we know the retro way of payment all around the world is by “cash payment” and many people use cash to make payments in almost every place. 

But as technology is rising and creating many advancements, the payment methods are also changing in a very vast way. Technology is always giving its best result for payments and people are adapting to them because they are easy to use and contactless payment trends. 

Technology has created contactless payment methods and these are good for today’s world where there is a pandemic condition. Doing the payment by cash includes physical contact and that is very dangerous in the pandemic, this is why people that were using cash till now are also switching to contactless or online payment these days. 

Methods Of Payment In 2022

Right now in 2022, there are many ways in which you can pay and the most important thing is that they are fast and efficient. Even If you are sitting in one corner of the state, you can pay to the other corner of the state in just a matter of seconds. Some of the payment trends are given below:

Net Banking

Net banking is one of the most popular ways of banking and is used widely by several people. For this payment method, various apps are supposed to be used. Some examples of these apps are PayPal, GooglePay, AmazonPay, etc. There are different apps for different regions. 

Before getting into net Banking make sure that you have selected net banking in opening your account at a bank. If you have not done that, do not worry, you can also do it afterward. Now, to get started, you need to download one of the apps that are available in your region respectively.

After downloading the app, it will want you to register your number in the app, make sure you register the number that is linked with your bank account. Then choose your bank from the given list and after doing all this your bank account will get attached to this app. 

Now, as your bank account is attached, you can make payments easily to anyone, and do not worry because this method is safe as you can generate your password to get into the app. This way no one other than you will be able to make payments on your behalf. 

You can pay by entering the mobile numbers of people and also scanning the QR code to pay in this method. 

Online Bank Transfer

In this method, you have to get some information like account number, IFSC code, bank name, and the name of the person you’re sending money to. 

You can gather the above information and click on the option on the app that says “bank transfer”. Once you are there you must fill all the information in their respective blocks and then proceed to payment

This method of payment takes a little more time than the net banking method. You have to check with the recipient whether he/she got the payment or not.

Card Payment 

You can use your card to pay using this method. It is somewhat contactless and you can get done with it quickly. In this, you give your card to the cashier and the cashier attaches it to the machine, all you have to do is to enter the PIN carefully and the payment is complete. You are also given a payment slip in this method of payment.

Cheque Payment

If the amount that is to be paid is large then it is done by cheque. For this type of payment, you have to go to your bank along with the chequebook that the bank gives you. This payment method is usually done for big amounts because it is safe and goes from bank to bank and you do not have to take any money by yourself. 

You have to fill a few entries in the chequebook such as the name of the recipient, the amount that has to be given, and your signature. After doing this you need to submit the cheque and then after a few hours, the amount will be transferred from your account to the account of the person you are paying. 

WhatsApp Payments 

Yes, you read it right now you can even make payments through your favorite communication app that is WhatsApp. WhatsApp payments came out this year and many people have started opting for it now it is very convenient. 

You can pay directly to the mobile numbers and it is as easy as chatting. You just have to activate the payment method by going to the settings in your WhatsApp account and you are all set to take advantage of this feature. 

So, above were some trends of payments that are availing in today’s world. These days many people avoid using cash payments as there is a risk of a pandemic everywhere. Many people are opting for online payment methods. 

Some other perks come under the apps for these payments and those are that you can also submit the electricity bills and recharge your mobiles, which is very helpful in lockdowns and when you are busy. You can also donate to various organizations from the apps and the donations will go directly to the people in the organizations. 

You should also give it a chance because it is easy and there is no risk of losing your money as everything is checked under security. You can generate your passwords for the apps so that no one can open them other than you. 


So, you now know that other than cash there are many different ways in which you can make your payments and you can always take the help of paypound for related concerns. We are always here for help and to provide you with the best of our capability.

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