Risk management for payment processors.

The truth is that every payment method involves risk. If you run an online business and accept payments online, it is important to know that it comes with a set of risks. The major of them are fraud and operational risks where is loss is due to technical and sometimes human errors. The risks can be managed with a little effort to improve the quality of the sale and we strive hard to help the customers accomplish their needs.

We customize the most secure solution for your business needs


Payment solution

PAYPOUND Is committed to providing our customers with a seamless processing solution that can easily manage the complexities of payment processing to achieve more success in a secure way. We have multiple layers of security which include multiple firewalls, intrusion detecting tools, fraud checks and others to safeguard our customer’s data. PAYPOUND’s payment engine is built to provide an operating environment that meets all the regulatory norms and also fulfills the customer’s data security concerns.


Types of operational risks

There are various types of operational risks and one has to consider them to keep their payment system secure. These include but are not limited to-

1. Inadequate and failed information
2. Excessive fraud or chargebacks
3.Breaches in the security systems
4.Commercial disputes
5. Unforeseen Calamities.


Consider the following

Knowing the danger with estimated loss helps businesses to reduce the likelihood of risk. It is important to know:-
1. What are the potential threats?
2. How often does it occur?
3. How swiftly can the threat be detected
4. How much would it cost you?

Why We Best?


Management of risk

We assist you to understand the foremost critical risk in your online business and help you measure the danger to overcome the hurdles.


Real policies and rules

We advise our merchants about the different policies in place which includes, shipping, return and refund policies on the website. We firmly believe that this creates a sense of satisfaction among the buyers.


Understanding the risk and training

It is important for you to know what risks your business may encounter and plan for it beforehand.


Accurate monitoring

PAYPOUND offers an excellent interface to monitor all the sales and transactions which in turns helps the business owners to make relevant decisions to keep the business growing.


Secure environment

Although online payments are much easier and fewer expensive in recent years, it is imperative to have a secure payment system to avoid the risk of fraud.


Risk evaluation.

We help our customers to prioritise the need of evaluating the risk of any sort as this greatly helps the business to get a planned structure to fight up for any future risks.

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