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How Can Resident Cards Help In Online Payments?

A resident card tells the identity of the person and proves that a particular person is of a particular country according to the resident card. A resident card is very important as it states that legally you are a citizen of your country. 

Earlier the resident card was only proof to tell people that a particular person belongs to a particular country but now resident card has gained more and more important as it is now needed in many documents if a person is doing some legal work. And also as the technology is getting advanced with the days new and new things that can be done by the resident card are getting showed up one by one. 

Resident Cards In Making Online Payments

Now, resident cards are also being used in making online payments. The resident card contains all the information regarding phone number, name, and address, and also the resident card contains the biometric data of a person. Through these databases, the payment can be made these days. 

Some apps are responsible for this phenomenon, people download those apps and then they can have access to a person’s resident identity card. When the payment has to be done the person simply hands in the resident identity, and the recipient, with the help of the biometric data, can receive the payment from the payer. 

Also, a resident card is needed whenever a person is opening an account in the bank so in short the resident identity card is also linked with the identity card. So whenever a person is practicing online bank transfer and net banking, the resident identity is also playing its part in it. 

This is how the resident identity card can help in making online payments. Although it is all up to a person whether a person wants to use his or her identity card while making payments or not. Resident identity cards can only be used in payments if the owner willingly gives them to the recipient otherwise nothing will happen. 

What Does A Person Have To Do To Use The Resident Identity To Make Online Payments

Several apps can be downloaded by the person to carry out the online payments through their resident identity card. These are the few steps 

Download The App

There are apps available on the play store or the App Store for every country. People can download these apps keeping in mind the place where they live. After downloading the app a person has to set it up. 

Set The App Up

After downloading the app, the person has to fill in a few details. After filling in the details the resident identity card of that person will be linked to the app and all the related information such as biometric information and name, phone number, etc will be linked to the app. 

Enjoy The Payments 

After doing this much the person can enjoy their transactions without any problems. A person can pay anybody or receive from anybody after he or she has set up the app and also get their hands on many other features that are included within the app and use them.

So this is what a person has to do to avail of the payment feature from the resident identity card. It is very easy and as everyone has a resident identity card they can use it to make the payments. This is also a very less time taking process. 

Advantages of Resident Card Payment

There are many advantages to this kind of payment such as people can go online so there is not much physical contact while making the payment. The resident identity card will also be used for a good cause rather than to it staying in any corner of the house and eventually getting lost as there’s not much use for it.

In this way, the person has to carry the resident identity card always with him to make the payment so this way even if in any other cases the resident identity card is needed the person will have it with them so there will be no rush.

So these are all the advantages of using the resident identity card for the payments 

Disadvantages Of Resident Card Payments

As everything has its disadvantages, similarly this type of payment is also not fully advantageous. Sometimes some disadvantages can occur to people while using this type of payment method.

One of the most disturbing things about this type of payment is that people often do not want to complicate things and if they use their resident card in payments then some people may think that they are using the resident identity card for a much more complicated way. People also think that this is a very high-risk payment gateway. End it will be a hassle for them to manage all the things regarding the resident identity card so people sometimes do not prefer this way of doing online payments.

So this is the main reason why this type of payment is still not very famous in some countries because people think it is a hassle and it is a very high-risk industry. So these were the disadvantages of the resident card payment system.


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