Primary Traffic and Secondary Traffic in the Gambling Industry

The gambling industry is always an exciting world for gamers and gamblers across the world. Online gambling is a lively place with plenty of primary and secondary traffic. The new players and those who have not played for a long time are considered the “Primary traffic.” 

On the other hand, players who are already familiar with online gambling and have some experience in the field are considered “Secondary traffic.” These existing players have an idea about what can happen when they make a certain decision in gambling. Let us dive deeper into the primary and secondary traffic in the gambling industry. 

Primary Traffic in Gambling

The primary traffic in gambling is categorized into two types – Direct and Indirect traffic. Direct traffic is also called Organic traffic that is basically the search engine optimization-based traffic.

Online gaming platforms can improve direct traffic by using the best optimization techniques on their website and apps. Indirect traffic, also known as inbound marketing, can be improved using off-page marketing techniques like Blogs, Article submission, Backlinks, and Social media. 

The worldwide availability of the internet is offering gambling platforms more channels for marketing their products and services. Web pages that rank on the first page of Google attract plenty of traffic that is important for new players. This is important for new players who are considering joining an online casino or gaming room.

A gambling website should aim to attract visitors to its website through organic search. While primary visitors are those who visit your website by typing your domain name in the search bar, they won’t tell you about the bounces they make from page to page once they enter your site. 

Primary traffic is important for casinos and gambling platforms because of the following reasons:

New players at your website: Players who visit your website for the first time offer you a great opportunity and turn them into repeated visitors. 

The basic aim of a gambling platform is to convert visitors into loyal customers. Gambling website owners may face challenges like market saturation with competitors and other websites using gambling content. 

Use the right keywords: People who visit a search engine for online gambling using relevant keywords are likely to stay on your website longer than other visitors, as they are looking for gambling-related content. 

Keep existing users engaged: Gambling websites should try to keep their users engaged on their website as long as possible, as the more they play, the more they are likely to lose their money. 

Know your target audience: Online gaming platforms and casino owners need to understand the importance of primary traffic for their business. Understanding your target audience and implementing some important SEO techniques can help you to gain a significant number of visitors to your website. 

Secondary Traffic in Gambling

Secondary traffic means visitors that have already visited or played on your website. They are your loyal customers or returned visitors. Every gambling website aims to turn its visitors into loyal customers. They aim to retain their existing visitors and engage them to spend more time on their website. 

Statistics show that around 20 percent of website visitors are responsible for most of the sales on a casino website. So, gambling platforms should focus on converting the remaining 80 percent of visitors into customers and make them repeatedly play on their app or website. Market saturation and competition will be still there for gambling platforms while trying to turn their visitors into loyal customers as 80 percent customer also visits other platforms for research. 

It means online casinos and gaming platforms need to spend sufficient time to analyze their traffic and target website visitors with relevant marketing techniques to turn them into loyal players. Running paid advertising campaigns, offering discounts on your products are some ways to encourage visitors to play games and spend more time on your website. 

You need to offer an adequate variety of games and slots to your customers to keep them engaged on your platform, and it is possible only when you invest sufficient time to understand your targeted audience. Your target audience is the visitors that can be converted into repeated customers for your website. 

Gambling platforms can use the following techniques to attract secondary traffic to their website:

Use the right keywords – An unbeatable strategy is to use the right keywords in your content that your target customers are using to search games and gambling sites. Using low competition keywords that your target audience is using can help you gain traffic to your website. 

Use Social Media: Using Social media and sharing your content on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube is one of the best ways to bring relevant traffic to your platform. Posting content on social media consistently can help you attract visitors to your website. 

Email Newsletter: Creating a list of emails of your customers and sending them updates of your new games, contents, giveaways in the form of newsletters is a good way to keep them engaged and turn them into loyal customers. 

Referral traffic: Asking your existing customers to spread word of mouth can be one of the best ways to drive traffic to your gaming website. Offer your existing customers some discount on their next deposit or a giveaway for referring others on your platform. You can also offer commissions to customers on successful registration of their referrals. 

Secure Payments: Payment Processing also plays a vital role in engaging the users on your gaming platform. Customers who experience easy and convenient payments on your platform are likely to visit again on your website. Paypound offers reliable and convenient payment solutions to gambling platforms across the world. 

Summing Up

Attracting traffic is not as difficult as most new businesses think. Gambling website owners need to know their target audience and use the right marketing strategies to let their audience know about the products and services. Using the relevant SEO techniques and posting the right content and games on their platform is the key to attract traffic to their gambling website.

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