PayPound- The Solution To Your Forex Transaction Woes

Global payments are a vital part of every business’s daily operations. Every year, more than 5 trillion USD changes hands in the foreign exchange market, and that figure is only driven higher by the growth of online transactions. Despite the incredible amount of money involved in foreign exchange, many companies struggle to manage the complexities of moving money across international borders. 

The Foreign Exchange (Forex) industry has experienced a considerable evolution over the past years: new regulations, new technologies, etc. That being said, you’re probably looking for a Forex payment provider to help you navigate through the constantly changing environment. With that in mind, our company at Paypound has been offering unparalleled card and Internet payment solutions to businesses. Here are just a few common foreign exchange transaction problems, and how Paypound helps to solve them.


If you’ve handled Foreign Exchange transactions before, you’re aware that it is generally a time-consuming and arduous procedure. Manually handling foreign payments necessitates an exorbitant amount of effort as well as resources. When it relates to sending or receiving payments across countries, different nations have different protocols, and regular monitoring of all of these operations demands a large number of resources. 

What does Paypound offer?

Fast and valuable service is a result of Paypound’s streamlined payment portal, which enables you to make payments in an instant. Signing up with Paypound is fast and straightforward, and our processing services come with minimal paperwork. Since we offer global coverage, you can accept payments from almost any country in the world.

Paypound strives to ensure that the transaction process is as easy and efficient for customers as possible. Paypound services allow any firm of any size to accept credit, debit, or gift card payments from customers, globally. Services provided include a hassle-free integration of payment processing into your website and/ or application. Your customers can then pay securely with all major credit, debit, or gift cards. Paypound also offers full-service payment support in order to make all of your questions answered and concerns addressed by competent staff. 

Payments are Difficult to Track

Running a business with international sales can be tricky. On the one hand, it’s exciting to think about how you might earn money from clients who live in places like Japan, India, or Brazil. But on the other hand, managing many different accounts and payments from all around the world can be confusing. Managing your foreign currency accounts can be quite time-consuming, too.

No doubt, Forex helps to expand your business by gaining more international customers. You make more sales and learn new skills. But, keeping track of your payments can become a serious problem, especially if lots of currencies are involved.

What does Paypound offer?

Paypound has played a key role in developing a solution and building an electronic network that unites banks, acquirers, as well as merchants in a unified online ecosystem, cutting through the turmoil of the old payment infrastructure. We have a complete framework in place that delivers transaction details to the acquiring banking organisation without any delay, and responses from both the issuing and acquiring banks are quickly documented. This ensures real-time updated details and the status of consumer transactions, enabling businesses to take necessary actions on time.

You can handle activities such as payroll and commission payments, cost refunds, taxation and regulatory payouts, and much more with a solid payment solution in place. Furthermore, you may view all of your statistics in real-time from a single platform. You’ll increase efficiency, save cash, and simplify those time-consuming back-office activities.

Alternative Payment Options

The world of payments is moving at a rapid pace. Consumers are demanding easier and more convenient ways to pay for goods and services. Payment providers are constantly innovating, trying to meet the needs of consumers while ensuring security and ease of use. Alternative payment methods have gained in popularity among consumers, who now have a growing range of options from which to choose. While these new products and services offer some advantages over traditional payments methods, they also require the implementation of additional infrastructure and processes. Your business may be missing out on sales because you’re not accepting these payment options.

What does Paypound offer?

If you’re thinking about accepting digital currency payments for your business, the best option for you will depend on your specific needs and what your customer base wants. There was a time when direct credit card payments ruled the roost, but now we’re in an era where customers want more options than ever before. Payment requests are a great way to help meet their needs while giving yourself the flexibility needed to succeed in an increasingly competitive market.

Paypound Alternative Payments is a leading full-service payment service provider and enables merchants to accept payments across all channels. With an increasing amount of global shoppers shopping online, it’s important to ensure that you can provide customers with the best checkout experience possible. Paypound offers you multiple alternative payment methods:

  • Smart Cards
  • Electronic Wallets
  • Online Funds Transfer
  • Gift Cards
  • Online Cheques
  • Third-party payment Methods
  • Wire Transfers


If you are looking for a way to make your company grow, Paypound can help. By investing in your merchant account with one of the leading fintech companies, you can save time and money and concentrate on other priorities. Paypound has everything you need to get your business transaction that needs to be taken care of at cost-effective prices. With 24/7 support, fraud protection and secure and reliable software, your company will remain secure. There are several plans to choose from and they all come with forex rates that are updated daily to suit the needs of your business.

We’re confident that Paypound has a solution to meet all of your foreign exchange needs. Sign up today and we’ll get you started. We know that any business of any size can benefit from using Paypound’s international payments platform. If you want to save money on handling foreign exchange payments, Paypound is the best way for you to do it.

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