Electronic Payment system.

The Electronic payment system has grown exponentially over the last decade as a result of spreading internet-based shopping.

As the world inches more with the development in technology it is evident that all online businesses must have a reliable payment provider that can provide multiple payment options to meet the demand. We here strive to equip our customers with every payment option available across the globe.


Global acceptance with card payments.

PAYPOUND specializes in providing card processing solutions from across the world. This includes VISA, MasterCard, and other card brands like American Express, JCB, Diners club can be added on request and are subject to approval from the acquiring bank.

We also have a wide coverage for these cards, as we try to keep the restrictions on countries to minimal. Almost all online businesses can avail of this with minimum documentation and in the shortest time possible.


Alternate Payment Methods.

It is important to provide the customers to pay using various payment options as this adds up to the volume and the reach a business can have. At PAYPOUND, we emphasize the need of having these APMs in place to give the businesses a chance to expand their territory and to multiply their income.

Alternate payment methods are growing upwards as most of the consumers prefer to pay using the local currency compared to international cards or bank transfers.We specialise in offering these payment methods to our customers and are subject to approval from the bank.

Types of

Payment Methods

Each country usually have their own payment which is sometimes unique and it is important for the businesses to comply to the local laws to avail this. This includes

We assist your customers to avail these services if the businesses compliant with the local laws and regulations and depending on the approval from the acquiring bank.

"We help you increase your
profitability with multiple payment streams"

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