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CBD (cannabidiol) Merchant Account

CBD is a lively ingredient in cannabis-derived from the hemp plant. It helps treat complications like pain, Insomnia and Anxiety.

The CBD industry is flourishing conservatively to hit $16B in the US by 2025.



A cryptocurrency may be a digital asset designed to symbol as a medium of transaction and is stored using strong cryptography to secure transaction records. Although this is considered a revolutionary form of currency, it is deemed to be risky due to the uncertainty of the market.

Forex Merchant account

The word Forex may be a word gotten from the unfamiliar term exchange market which means that cash trade market, no matter whether for the benefit or to boost the price of the cash and this market is likewise called the FX market.

Forex and stock trading are “high threat and uncommon yield” theory, there are various compensations offered from various sorts of trading, including stocks.

Gaming Merchant Account

The gaming industry is not any longer a distinct segment arena for a particular age bracket or consumer segment. This also meant a rise in revenues generated by the industry with about $9.5B in 2007, $11.7B in 2008 and $25.1B in 2010.

Over time, it has been observed that expert predictions in this industry often turn out completely wrong, which adds to the risk involved in the gaming sector.

Travel and Tourism

Travel is an act of commuting from one location to a different one. This can be either long or short distance travel, overseas travel, domestic travel and various other forms.

Essentially, the tourism industry cares about people travelling for business or pleasure purposes, staying in their destination for a said time, then returning.

Both these industries can be risky due to the unpredictable nature of travel and accommodation options.

Adult Industry

As many of the veils of judgement and disgust are lifted because of the internet, the adult industry is booming than ever before. There are 72M unique visits to adult sites consistent with research conducted in 2019. There is no denying that the adult show business isn’t only a booming but growing, profitable industry.

All of this is good news except that bank make it dreadful for porn sites, adult toy and novelty, online dating and similar businesses to urge adult merchant account to process credit cards. 

Other high risk merchant processing

There are various industries considered to be high risk because of the nature of the business, transaction limits geolocation of the business and uncertainty involved. This involves but is not limited to industries like online tech-support, drop-shipping, Selling precious stones, E-commerce selling various goods etc.

All these industries require a specific setup as per the requirements of the market.

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