Our Culture

PayPound is a family more than a company in more than one way. Our culture is anchored towards shared values, ideas and personalities that are centred on goals towards everyone’s success, thus working for the greater good.

We’ve built a strong culture of inclusion by fostering an environment of trust and engagement,
where all employees are empowered to bring their whole selves to work.

We celebrate diversity

At PayPound, we aim to foster independent thinking and an entrepreneurial mindset. We aren’t about organisational charts and levels; instead, we operate with little hierarchy because we want all of our employees to feel as if they own and drive the company.

This absence of strict bureaucracy gives rise to cross-learning opportunities for our teams and to work on different projects, which makes a significant contribution to the company’s growth, because we understand that the more successful our employees are, the more successful our clients will be.

When working at PayPound, we want you to #BeYourselfAtWork. We recognise that inclusion in a work environment entails more than just having traditional diversity networks. In our workplace, we work remotely, and we value individuality and endorse that the diversity of thoughts and unity is vital to success.

The size of PayPound boasts the opportunity offered for our employees: unhindered access to the senior management. Every employee is allocated a career coach, and our strong emphasis on learning pushes our employees to pursue their ambitions while tackling any challenges that may arise.


We are a company driven by purpose. Whether it is our clients, staff, or partnerships, we adapt all our focus on the persons’ needs and desires; assessing and directing our course of action to provide mutual success. For us our people are our assets.


We prioritise the notion that trust in our brand, and in each other, is built by acting with integrity and transparency. That is why we nurture a secure, engaging and an inclusive workplace that allow us to be our whole, authentic selves and perform our best work.


Our outlook for the world and for each other is constantly driven with a sense of adventure. We are humble enough to recognise that we can learn from every experience, and smart enough to proactively challenge our understanding and think critically.



At PayPound, our most valuable asset is our people—who come with a wide range of backgrounds, ideas and views. Everyone in our team has a different walk of life and is able to offer their own experiences and knowledge that others may not possess, this diversity is needed so that all the required skills are covered by someone in the team, and each individual can be assigned a particular role based on their strengths and skills. We boast smart, creative, passionate professionals who are always learning and educating; technology experts who visualise the big picture. Our culture is one that celebrates and embraces our diversity, and strives to expand and build it constantly.

Our ethics prioritize to connect with our employees and make them feel valued and appreciated; they have helped us build a unique, dedicated, long-term team who take bold pursuits head-on and play a huge part to propel the business forward. Our workforce flaunts excellent communication amongst each other; there’s an emphasis on brainstorming, feedback and innovation.

The people behind a company are as important as the company itself: each member of our team works in a fast-paced environment and contributes their fair share of the workload to ensure that no two days are exactly alike. Every one of us fully understands what our responsibilities are and the part we play in the running of the business. Our employees see value in their work and are eager to do well in their roles and give their full selves to the job and invest in the company’s future. This compels a vibrant work environment where individuals are energetic and have a lot of company pride.


We cultivate meaningful changes to optimize today and create tomorrow. Our company is eager to push boundaries and test limits to encourage our team to take risks and enjoy exploring new ideas. We expect individuals to grow, evolve and work hard to challenge the status quo. This is a dynamic company culture where employees are eager to succeed. We focus ahead of our focal length and work on bringing clarity to the future.

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