Online Payment Solution for Gamers in 2022

Making payment is an important part of any online gaming platform. Players have a variety of thoughts while making online payments. Players have certain considerations while making the payment those are as follows:

  • Privacy concerns
  • Transaction speed
  • Some prefer to pay in their currency

Gaming merchants can use an online gaming merchant account to collect payments online more easily and quickly. This account became popular after an online gaming merchant requested an online payment solution.

So why do we suggest an online gaming merchant account over any other type of merchant account? To comprehend why there is a need for change, traders must first understand why it is necessary.

To tackle these solutions, online gaming platforms come with several methods of payment. Each of these methods has certain benefits of its own. Having alternate payment methods in hand, online gamers rest assured. In this article, we are going to talk about the best payment solutions for gamers. 

But wait!

Do you know the benefit of having an online gaming merchant account?

If not then it’s the right time to know about it. Without further ado let’s jump into the benefits.

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Benefits of Online gaming merchant account

Variety in Payment Modes

This feature helps merchants to receive payment through different modes of payment. Those modes include

  • UPI
  • Internet banking
  • Net transfer, etc

This is the most preferred way of transactions.

Prevention from any type of Fraud

Online fraud is a big issue for almost every online merchant. But having this account will not make you worry about any type of fraud. Online gaming merchant accounts contain many types of fraud prevention tools that check the real identity of the player.

It immediately stops the transaction, if the fraudster gets caught. This feature provides extra safety to merchants and gamers as well.

Real-time reporting system

This feature helps merchants store data in systematic order. A real-time reporting system alerts merchants about any type of issue that takes place on payment processing. This alert system provides enough time to tackle the situation and resolve the issue ASAP.

Multi-currency payment system

This is the most important feature available on an online gaming merchant account. This feature helps merchants to receive online payments in various currencies. Merchants can easily provide convenience to their customers.

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A Complete Online Payment Solution for Gamers

Bank transfer

Bank platform is the most famous platform for the online transfer of money. This is the most convenient way of transferring money. The amount can be either deposited or withdrawn directly into the bank account, with this method of payment.

It all depends on the online game providers and the bank you use. Any type of deposit with the bank transfer could barely span over 2-5 working days. Online games require high deposits which are why bank transfers are well suited for them.

For example- In online casino games, high rollers are frequent in withdrawals and deposits of huge amounts through bank transfers.

Neteller makes deposits and withdrawals smooth. It is an e-wallet just like PayPal and allows you to transfer funds safely for payment on online games.

Neteller does not charge any fees for deposits and withdrawals. Fees are not charged for a single upload up to the amount of $20,00.

It takes 24 hours for a transaction to get processed in Neteller.


It is the most popular debit/credit card across the world for payments. You can pay instantly using MasterCard and it does not even charge any fees on deposits or withdrawals.

Many online game platforms provide MasterCard. As the first choice for making in-game purchases because of its universal use. Gamers use MasterCard to purchase gems in games like Clash of Clans and so many others.


PayPal is often considered the safest means of payment. It is a well-known e-wallet today. You can pay easily and swiftly with the help of PayPal. It is the perfect means of payment for online games, but it should be used validly from gamers’ countries.

You have to fill in your credit card and bank details only once while registering with PayPal. This process prevents disclosing the information online.

PayPal is the most patronised option when it comes to buying games on steam. Because while making in-app purchases, players do not fear their financial details getting hacked. There is no doubt about the popularity of PayPal amongst gamers.


If you want to make a prepaid payment, Paysafecard is the leading option. It keeps your personal and financial details safe. Customers can use cash to make online payments having a 16-digit PIN while paying from Paysafecard.

This online payment method provides privacy to the gamers since there is no online record of the transactions.

It is all thanks to the privacy feature of Paysafecard, it is popular among many casino players. All the transactions are hidden from the bank and even from casinos. There will be no record of transactions done from debit and credit cards as well.

Using this platform for payment, you can pay simply and safely for apps and in-app purchases for

  • Online games
  • MMOs
  • MOBA
  • Browser games
  • Casual games 
  • Skill games

As an example, you can simply purchase counter-strike global offensive (CSGO) skins, cases, keys, and steam games. You can do other purchases in-game with the help of Paysafecard.


Skrill allows the transfer of funds from cards, accounts, or prepaid vouchers to your preferred games in an instant. You just need to enter your card or bank details while using this payment method.

It prevents any type of in-game interruptions during gaming sessions while doing the online payment. It is also an ideal option for in-game micro-transactions.

With the help of Skrill, it is very easy to carry out transactions within the game, such as purchasing Pubg UCs.


Visa is just like MasterCard and is another great Debit and credit card. It is a platform that is used as a major online payment method.

It does not charge any fees for the speedy transactions it offers. With Visa pay, you can withdraw and deposit any amount instantly. It also provides full security for any type of transaction. Players can easily purchase several skins in online games like Pubg and CSGO.

There is only one drawback of these debit and credit card transactions that are reduced privacy as it includes card details.

In order to make your life much easier, Paypound comes into play. What makes Paypound the merchant’s choice is the variety of payment options available for them.

In conclusion,

These all are the most efficient way of online transactions for online games. We know very well that every gamer has a certain type of preference. Therefore make sure to choose the most effective means of transaction for safe, secured and fast payments.

After talking about the most effective way of transactions for online gamers. Let us move towards the platform that is best for merchants for receiving the payments.

To receive online payments in a faster and simpler way, gaming merchants use Paypound gaming merchant accounts. We can say that it is a perfect payment solution.

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