List of Best Dating Sites

It has never been easy for singles to find a partner. The challenges from Covid -19 had made dating a lot more complicated. However, online dating sites are still a good hope for singles that help you to connect with new people and find a loving partner. Yes, dating sites are wonderful for finding a better partner for the rest of your life. 

But most people think of where to start dating. There are a lot of dating apps and websites for people looking to meet new individuals, try casual dating and find others with similar interests. Many people search dating sites to find an ideal partner for a long term relationship. However, all dating sites are not the same as some are created only for hookups, some for the short term and others for long term relationships. Let us explore the list of best dating sites to find your ideal match. 


Bumble is similar to Tinder but only for women and it has time limit for men. It is a free app that asks women to send the first message. If the guy does not reply within a day, he is likely to lose potential dates. The time limit is given in the app to encourage contact between the people, and users encourage that feature. 

However, Bumble is suitable only for users who reply soon and not those who procrastinate. As it requires women to message first, it tends to remove insecure males from the dating pool. Bumble comes with a BFF feature to help you meet new people and connect with them for the long term. 


Who doesn’t know about Tinder? It is basically the first stop for those new to the dating world. People who are looking for a date, friendship or casual hookup, Tinder can offer you all. If you want to play the odds in online dating, Tinder can be the best place for you. However, the profiles on Tinder are brief that helps you to decide quickly whether to connect with someone or not. The disadvantage is that it becomes difficult to know a lot about a person due to the short profile. You need to go through a sea of profiles to find the right person for a potential date. 

Elite Singles

“Elite singles” is one of the best dating sites that is specially made for working professionals. Working professionals can use Elite Singles to find a perfect partner for a date or long term relationship. The website uses your preferences like age, location, occupation to help you find the right match for your profile. After getting your information in the personality test, it shows you the profiles of professionals that match your goals. Elite Singles is a paid dating service that offers the subscription for one, three and six months. You can test Elite Singles and the features of the website using the free trial and decide whether to use the paid service or not. 


OkCupid is a popular and best free dating site that comes in both desktop and mobile versions. Users can enter a lot of details in the app and on the website, just like with eHarmony, the matchmaking system will bring them the best person yet.

This dating site is very inclusive and consists of members with 20+ options for gender and sexual orientation, including queer women and the rest of the LGBTQ community. Recent changes to the user interface allow it to be made more similar to Tinder, where you can swipe and remove the ability to send a message to a user who hasn’t replied. This was done in order to reduce the number of offensive messages and fake profiles displayed.

Friend Finder

Friend Finder is one of the largest dating communities on the internet. It is simple and convenient, like a social media platform, but aims to connect singles with a suitable partner. There are a variety of connections that can be made in the Friend Finder, from love affairs to wedding bells. Chances are you’ll find someone you don’t want to instantly commit, but you know you want to meet someone special. The Friend Finder is also suitable for all genders and sexualities and gives you a really warm and welcoming feeling.


Some people believe in fate and others in the “proximity effect”. There is a strong connection between closeness and attraction, which Happn takes into account. Instead of settling down with people who live within five miles of your place, Happn actually puts you in touch with someone you’ve met in the past. It’s a smart concept in the sense that it shows that you and your partner have similar habits and interests. It’s also the most convenient way to go on a date. Whether or not the proximity feature is a placebo, it’s sure to be a good icebreaker by the time you finally get your first date!

E Harmony

Eharmony is a dating site that has helped millions of people finds the right partner for them. In fact, more than 400 users are marrying someone they meet on the site every day. The platform even won awards as the best site to find stable relationships.

Eharmony requires users to complete an extensive survey after registration, which acts as a “match search system.” The site then uses this information to present users with dating options that could be successful. The use of selective data-driven methodology makes Eharmony a great alternative for those looking for a long-term relationship.

Payment Solutions for Dating Services

As dating websites come under the category of high-risk businesses, they face challenges while getting payment processing services. Paid dating services cannot function without a dedicated payment service. PayPound offers reliable and secure payment processing services to dating apps and websites. 

Summing Up

Dating sites have been there for decades, but the availability of mobile internet has made them available to millions of users across the world. Every dating site is different and specially made for a purpose and user-demographic (age, profession, etc.). You need to find the right dating site depending on your purpose (hookup, short term relation, long term relationship, etc.). If you are planning to find a date, start looking for the right platform that suits your purpose and offers high-quality services. 

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