Importance of referral partnerships in the Payments Industry

Importance of referral partnerships in the Payments Industry

With the emergence of new technologies, the payment industry is continuously evolving. With so many changes that are taking place quickly, more payment services with innovative features are cropping up to make payments easy and efficient for businesses and individuals. In today’s highly competitive economic markets, businesses need to think creatively and strategically to gain the needed success in the field; they strive to stay up with the newest trends and make payment options more convenient as the competition increases and technology advances.

As customers are becoming aware and accustomed to digital payment technologies, they demand every business to have a streamlined and seamless payment service. An online payment solution works great to help companies with the motive to enhance their customer relationships, but they don’t prefer to incur the development costs or make major changes on the staff due to the high charges of operations as well the technical support.

Thus, most businesses can’t develop an in-house payment processing program for their clients. Therefore, the best option is to choose a reliable referral payment program and refer their clients or customers to that service provider. 

What is a Payment Referral Partner?

A payment referral partner is an entity that provides payment services. Every business receives payments from clients, and a referral partner may make the entire process fully digital, convenient, and beneficial for both parties—the business and payment processing provider can align on their areas of expertise.

A referral partnership can reduce costs and provide business access to its resources and expertise, making it a cost-effective solution to improve the functionality of the payment process and make it more reliable and secure for a business, without developing an in-house payment service.

How does it work?

Every company works to enhance its payment processes to make payments and transactions more feasible for their clients, this can be done through a credible payment referral partner, that can help your customers make hassle-free payments.

An integrated partnership with a payment processor means you agree to direct your clients to their services. When you partner with a payment service provider, the provider gains customers while your clients get all the benefits of effortless payments and uninterrupted transactions, thus making the partnership profitable for both.

Things to consider while choosing a Payments Partner

When it comes to finding a reliable payments partner, you can find many service providers in the market. However, it is essential to spend time on research to find the right payment processing partner so that you create more trust with your clients and offer them reputable and secure payment solutions. Here are some things to consider when looking for a reliable payment processing partner:

Integration support 

The payment partner should offer you integration support while developing the payment service and customize it according to the needs of your business. As the payment requirements of every business can be different, it is important to integrate the payment services with the requirements of the company and its customers, and if the payment service provider agrees to integrate the service during the development phase, then it is much more timely than doing it at a later stage after development. 

Safe and Secure Payments

With data breach stories creating headlines every other day, the security of payments is an essential aspect to consider while choosing a payments referral partner. In addition to SSL encryption, you should ask the payment partner whether they use any additional tools like EMV and tokenization to make the transactions safer and secure for your clients. 

Payment methods

Today, the customers of every business expect to be able to make transactions using the payment methods of their choice. Customers want various options of payments like credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, UPI payments, and cryptocurrencies as well. Look for a partner that offers all the payment methods used by your customers. 


Training is an essential part of integrating new services into your business. If you are planning to integrate a new payment solution into your business like cryptocurrency payments, make sure the service provider offers training to use it for your customers. The training should involve methods to use the payment methods and updates about them to make it easy for your clients and customers. 

Customer Support

No matter how smooth the transactions are done in the beginning, every payment service can experience problems, and your customers need immediate support to fix the issues. Without proper customer support, customers are likely to quickly shift to other service providers. Therefore, proper customer support is essential to upkeep the needs and fix the problems your customers experience while making payments

Performance and Accountability

Your payment referral partner should offer access to reporting with full tracking of new and existing accounts. It should involve the application status, referral status, merchant processing statistics, PCI compliance status, and merchant performance reporting. 

There could be many challenges while looking for a payment referral partner, especially when service providers don’t have clear documentation of the proposed agreement. Businesses should avoid payment processors that don’t offer customization and dedicated support. Always choose a partner that offers full service for payment processing for your customers without the need for your involvement or management. 

Summing Up

A business doesn’t have to specialize in payment technologies to offer its customers innovative payment solutions. For most businesses, it is best to simply refer their clients to a reliable payment technology partner like PayPound, which offers integrated payment solutions with dedicated support. In addition, your clients can experience secure transactions, lower processing costs, and hundreds of payment methods. 

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