How to Keep Your Gaming Payment Gateway Working in Good Shape

How to Keep Your Gaming Payment Gateway Working in Good Shape?

If you are considering integrating a gaming payment gateway into your company, you will want to check to see that it is operating appropriately before you do so. In the following paragraphs, we will go over some of the most critical things that you can do to maintain the health of your gaming payment gateway:

Now that you have a gaming payment gateway, it’s important to keep it as safe and reliable as possible for your customers.

The following advice will assist you in achieving your objective:

Implement a fraud management system. Every year, fraudulent transactions cost businesses millions of dollars in lost income and fees, as well as resources spent researching these allegations. If you use an automated tool like our Fraud Score system, you may be able to find suspicious transactions before they happen.

Always keep your software up-to-date. If you don’t apply the most recent bug fixes to your payment gateway software, you won’t be able to protect yourself from hackers attempting to steal money from your customers’ accounts or gain access to personal information such as credit card numbers or bank account numbers, so they can commit identity theft fraud against them later on when they try to purchase something online using their stolen information! Installing updates also ensures that users have constant access. This doesn’t seem right—maybe delete it?

Integrate an advanced fraud management system

You can do a few things to help ensure that your payment gateway works properly and continues to be the best option for your company.

Your payment gateway should have a sophisticated fraud management system, which is a program that looks for and stops fraudulent transactions from happening. It should be straightforward to add to your website to avoid confusion. It should also help businesses find potential fraudsters in a number of ways, such as by using IP addresses, browser fingerprinting (which uses cookies), social media accounts, and other methods.

Almost every website contains anti-fraud software, but not all are equal. The best ones restrict user access with credit card info so hackers can’t get it. They find suspicious transactions before they’re completed.

Keep software up-to-date

This should go without saying, yet many individuals overlook it. Updating software prevents hacking and virus infections. You should also keep your operating system (Windows or Mac) and any hardware drivers for your devices up to date.

If you use a gaming payment gateway, such as PayPound, make sure to keep it up to date by downloading the latest version from their website and running the installer on all of your PCs that use it.

Create a tracking system for fees and payments.

Once you’ve decided how to set up your payment system, you’ll need to figure out how to keep track of all fees and payments.

The first step is simple: create a spreadsheet or other program to keep everything in one place. This approach should only be utilized by persons who comprehend credit card transactions (which is probably not you). Don’t be concerned if you don’t!

There are various programs available online that make money management simple for people of all abilities and levels of expertise. Simply search for “credit card processor” and select one from the results! I’d prefer PayPound or Braintree because those companies are experts in payment processing.

Once you’ve completed your payments online, retain a physical record of them as well! Make sure everyone has access so that if an employee departs abruptly, someone else can step in without missing a beat. You could have a logbook in which everyone logs their hours worked each day to avoid confusion when calculating payroll taxes because no one wants those things to get messed up because they’re so important at tax time; this also gives us insight into our productivity levels and any potential problems coming down the pipeline before they become major issues impacting business efficiency, which means fewer headaches.

A gaming payment gateway could help raise revenue and client satisfaction

You know, as a game producer, that your clients will have queries about how to make purchases in your game. And, with so many alternatives for making those purchases accessible, it’s critical to choose the one that works best for you and your gamers.

A gaming payment gateway could be just what you need to make more money and make your customers happier. Here are some real-world examples of how a gaming payment gateway can boost sales and make customers happier:

A method for players to purchase virtual cash within games without having to look for it on their own or go through an app store.

The opportunity for developers like yourself to give personalized deals at different periods of the year (for example, 50% off on holidays) while still making use of promotional possibilities provided by other platforms such as Google Play or the Apple App Store.


This is the first time we’ve discussed payment gateways for online gaming, but we hope it won’t be the last. By making your business easier and safer for customers to use, you can get more customers and keep the ones you already have coming back. If you need assistance with your gaming merchant account, Please contact PayPound at +44 800 832 1733 or, and join forces with us right away! Follow on LinkedIn!

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