How PayPound is a Pioneer in the Industry?

PayPound is a rapidly expanding high-risk payment solutions provider for a wide range of businesses. We provide customisable payment options at low pricing, as well as many degrees of protection and security. PayPound was founded in 2009. Our flexible solutions are built around the customers’ specific needs, which has helped us to become the go-to payment service for many individuals, companies, and industries.

Payment Processing Solutions 

PayPound has the fastest setup and implementation in the industry, with support from your very first email. We’ll show you how to collect, organize, and report every payment you receive in a clean, customized interface. That means less time on paperwork and more time on what really matters for your business.

Paypound helps online merchants in receiving payments effectively using a wide range of payment options. The best part is that only one primary integration is required, and thus, you will end up saving multiple hours in total while also enabling payments using various payment methods. Instead of visiting several banks and signing agreements, this function is really handy.

IBAN Accounts

A virtual IBAN account is a reliable tool for managing your company or daily costs. Take use of multi-currency International Bank accounts for collecting and processing overseas and SEPA transactions. The key benefits of IBAN accounts include:

  1. One IBAN accounts for 25 different currencies and allows for simple account administration. Payment processing, settlement timelines, and reconciliation are all improved since payments are processed in the identity of your underlying customer.
  2. Reduced Anti-money laundering and Know Your Customer risk due to end-to-end clarity and explicit fund segregation.  Regional clearing capability, as well as cross-border transactions, are made via the SWIFT network.
  3. Payments and API access may be made and received promptly by leveraging the Banking Circle system.

Previously, financial institution solutions were not flexible enough to meet the demands of today’s Fintech sector. As a consequence, you may have to devote more energy and time than you would want to maintain the suite of goods you have been provided. Our skilled team has created a system that may be customised to meet your individual needs. Once you’ve been awarded a correspondent account, it is possible to attach as many digital IBANs as you wish to it, ensuring that each one of your customers has their unique account. Furthermore, if your regulatory position permits it, you can issue those digital IBANs in your underlying client’s identity.

Payment Methods

With the advancement in technology and the growing popularity of internet-based shopping, the need for a reliable payment system has increased exponentially. The e-commerce industry has grown rapidly to a level where people don’t even prefer to go to a conventional store and shop for their favourite items as they can do so conveniently from their home computers. We in today’s era of technology have become dependent on the internet for almost everything including paying your bills or sending cash directly from your computer. As internet-based purchasing has increased, the online payment network has evolved tremendously during the previous decade. To fulfil demand, every online company must have a dependable payment provider that offers a variety of payment alternatives.

Paypound specialises in offering global card processing services. We also offer broad coverage for the cards, since Paypound attempts to keep country limits to a minimum. Almost every digital firm may take advantage of the services with minimal paperwork and in the least amount of time.

Paypound makes it very easy to list your business over the internet and helps you to expand your market through various payment options. You can integrate your website or online store with our Payment Gateway and reach many new customers. Now you don’t need to bother about payment integration, security issues and shopping cart functionality. Just focus on selling, while we focus on the payments.

Knowing how important it is for your customers to be able to make online purchases, we’ve stepped up and provided multiple alternative methods. Alternative Payment Methods offered by Paypound include:

  • Smart Cards
  • Electronic Wallets
  • Online Funds Transfer
  • Gift Cards
  • Online Cheques
  • Third-party payment Methods
  • Wire Transfers

This ensures that your customer can have various payment modes available to them that meet their specific needs – from traditional methods like credit card and cash payments to newer methods like mobile payments and payment through digital currencies. With just a few clicks or taps, your customer can choose the way they want to pay you.

Bank Acquisition

Paypound offers you multiple acquisition options to choose from, so you can get the most competitive price and best terms for your business. PAYPOUND is powered by over 30+ leading global acquirers and payment solutions providers, providing great flexibility in choosing the most suitable offer for your business – both locally and globally.

Transaction Settlements

Paypound has been instrumental in devising a solution and creating an online network that connects the banks, acquirers and merchants in a single online environment which cuts through the chaos of the traditional payment ecosystem. We have a thorough structure in place that sends transaction information to the acquiring banking institution without a delay, and answers from the issuing and the acquiring bank are logged immediately. This guarantees real-time updated information and the condition of transactions attempted by customers, allowing the businesses to take the appropriate action.


Paypound works with you to design a custom package that suits your specific requirements. We provide a variety of forex merchant accounts at cheap prices, allowing you to select the ideal one for your company. Among other advantages, Paypound merchant accounts include 24/7 assistance to assist you in getting up and running fast and simply. You also get access to comprehensive reporting tools that allow you to quickly track activities, as well as specific fraud protection solutions to help secure your organisation.

As far as online merchant account providers go, PayPound is without question one of the best. While this may sound like a bold claim, it is something we can support with facts. Our outstanding results on behalf of clients speak for themselves. We would be more than happy to answer any additional questions you may have, and we’ll look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. Thanks again for taking the time to read and study our company’s information.

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