How Fintech Technology Is Rising In The World?

These days the world is making its contribution to technological advancements. People are also trying to rise in the field of Technology by launching various apps that would help people in the world to do things online rather than making them offline.

What Is Fintech 

If you are wondering what fintech is then this article will help you to understand it in a more detailed way. Many people did not know much about fintech. And some people think that this is a high risk payment gateway but this is not true because as new areas are being discovered and explored daily, people of the whole world are getting to know about fintech and getting interested in it also. 

Fintech is nothing but an online system that can allow or enable banking facilities through the internet and it is not a high risk industry. This branch of technology is very useful as it gives many advantages to the user. By this, a user can carry out his or her bank payment without even going to the bank and the most important thing is that you don’t even need physical money for this type of payment. 

This means that this method also beats plastic money and helps the world to go fully digital. 

How Does Fintech Work 

Various apps in the world help you to use this method of payment and accept payments throughout the various countries.

There are various types of apps that are available in different parts of the world. These apps help you connect with the fintech system and you can also carry out the payments successfully by these apps.

How To Set Up In These Apps

Registering and using these apps is not difficult as anyone that has a smartphone can do it. Here is a detailed way of how one can register on these apps:

Download The App 

At first, you need to download one of these apps, these apps are easily available on Play Store and the app store. You can search for them on the play store or the app store and then download the one that you like as they function pretty much in the same way. 

Before downloading you can also gather some information about these apps to compare which one is the best and then download the one that is to your liking.

Get Started

After downloading the app as soon as you open it for the first time the app will ask for your phone number. There you have to enter the phone number that is linked to your bank account. As soon as you enter the number which is also used in your bank account it will ask you the name of your bank.

You will be shown several bank names among which you have to select the name of your bank and then proceed further. As soon as you finish these two steps your app will get linked to your bank account directly.

Entering the correct mobile number is a very important step because otherwise your account will not be linked to the app. 

Generate PIN 

After registering on the app you will have to generate your PIN so that your payments are all secured. This PIN has to be entered whenever you are doing payment and it is the last step for the completion of the payment. 

This is asked at the last because even if any person other than you can get that far in doing the payment he or she still cannot complete the payment. After all, that PIN will be known only by you.

Generate QR Code

You can also generate a QR code from which people can pay you by scanning it. You can either get it printed and show it to people when people need to pay you or you can just show it on your mobile phone. People can scan it from their mobile phone and then pay the amount to you. 

Normal people do not usually generate QR codes but the people who are in business as shops and merchants, usually have the QR code printed and display it on the cash counter so that people can scan it and pay them easily. 

So this is how you can make payments through an online banking system that is fintech.

How To Accept Payments 

For accepting the payment from any user you just simply have to tell them your phone number, they will enter and search your phone number on their app and pay you on your mobile number.

And another way of accepting the payments from any user is by telling him to scan your QR code. The user will scan your QR code, enter the amount of money that has to be paid and then proceed with the payment.

This is how you can accept the payment through online banking.


This is how fintech is rising in the world and people are using it more and more because it is very advantageous in today’s life. There is also less contact which is a very good thing in this era. 

It only takes a few minutes even with a big amount of money so it eliminates the need to carry plastic money around. People are using it as these days everyone has a smartphone and it is also very easy to use this technology.

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