Global acquiring and placing.

Global acquiring refers to an extensive network of acquiring banks. As we are partnered with acquirers across the globe, we have the option to choose the most fitting bank for any sort of business and ensure we deliver the most beneficial terms to the business.

"You get to choose the best for your business"

More Options, More Opportunities.

Acquiring banks.

Acquiring banks are the members that are registered with the card network, like VISA which has the ability to accept transactions on behalf of these credit or debit card networks.

The card networks connect the acquirer to the issuing bank in order to authorize the transactions. It is required to have the right acquirer in place to have a good approval ratio and to avail the best offer available in the market. PAYPOUND works with over 30+ acquirers across the globe which gives us the ability to deliver the most competitive and suitable offer in the market.

Transactions and settlements

The authorisation is important to complete a transaction and is approved by the issuing bank. This can easily be accomplished when you have a secure and simple payment engine in place as this detects and avoids any possible declines before the authorization request reaches the issuing bank.

We have a complete setup in place which helps the transaction data to reach the acquiring bank without any lapse and the responses back from the issuing or acquiring bank is recorded in no time. This ensures real-time data and status of the transactions that are tried by the consumers and enables the businesses to act accordingly.

Why We Best?

Dedicated Support

We have a dedicated support team that advises you about the best offers available in the market.

Most Suitable offers

We intend to get you multiple offers and give you the opportunity to choose from the best.

Bigger opportunities

We can help you charge the customers in various currencies and different payment methods which can help you grow.

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