Gaming Merchant Accounts—How To Make It A Goldmine

Gaming merchant accounts are making money. According to this mind-blowing statistic, gamers have spent $139.7 billion this year alone! Now, gaming merchants may be content, especially in the beginning, there comes a time when most gaming businesses start to see a sliding decline in customer retention and new joining members. — There is a reason for this, and it may not be what you think.

The start-up gaming merchant account

In the beginning, all your gaming account’s requirements are in order. You have your licence, you have your website team and IT consultants on hand, ready to manage all the necessaries. You have a customer support line to help customers. Your advertising is good. Customers are coming in. Life seems good for your gaming merchant account.

The weaknesses in the gaming business

In no time, things change. As a gaming merchant account, you know when this day suddenly dawns on you. The profits aren’t the same. Something is wrong – but what exactly? Yes, there are more chargebacks than usual, but that was expected. Customers aren’t returning; indeed, some do not return because they lose and want to try other gaming sites – this is your rationale. 

However, there are more poignant reasons why your gaming merchant account is not doing as well as it had been doing two years ago. People were somewhat comfortable making direct deposits into your account, receiving credits and playing along. — It’s not about the loss that annoys the customers as much as the method in which they can transfer funds and receive funds efficiently and safely. 

The tools your gaming account needs

The two ways you can immediately begin to see better results with your gaming merchant account is to secure a reputable payment processor and to offer your customers a safe environment in which they can part with their money. 

Other attributes a gaming merchant credit card payment processor would include would be the inclusion of credit cards for all your online-based customers, making it easy for them to make deposits, which will swell your profits faster. Also, chargeback rates will drop with the advice given by the merchant account locator as well as other methods to give your gaming company a secure payment gateway.

Competition & Technological Advancements in gaming 

There are many other gaming merchant accounts out there, offering various, innovative platforms that may be a direct competition to your service offering. With this also comes technological breakthroughs and enhanced platform designs. It’s important that your gaming merchant account has the best designers and software available to support online gamers around the world, keeping them interested and loyal to your gaming merchant account website. 

Finally, bear in mind that according to ESA Data, 50% of gamers consistently use online play as their direct decision in making purchases. This means that your gaming merchant account needs to be on top of the changes in the gaming industry. 

Consumer Behaviour in the gaming industry

A key factor to remember for your gaming merchant account is that, according to a reputable research company, it has been predicted that by next year (2021), there will be an astounding 2.757 billion gamers ready to use your gaming merchant account website. These are your customers. 

It’s important to understand the behaviour of the customer, and in your gaming merchant business, the player. It’s essential to understand the nature of your customers their likes and dislikes. It would be advisable to keep tabs on your players throughout your gaming merchant website to ensure that you understand what they like and do not like.— Perhaps offering a rating per game or asking plainly what your gamer customers would love to see and experience. With this vital information, your gaming merchant account will be one step closer to giving your customers what they want. 

The solution can’t be simpler for your gaming account

It may be obvious now that for gaming merchant account owners, the only option is to have a bank backing their business. However, banks will not back a gaming business because it is considered high risk. Still, the good news is that with experienced credit card payments processors like Paypound, with their expansive knowledge and wide, strong relationships with offshore acquiring banks, you can be sure to have a banking backup for your gaming merchant account.

The solution is therefore to contact Paypound and register to become approved as a gaming merchant account. With this, the limits to your revenue are limited only to your imagination. Just see for yourself what a professional, experienced high-risk merchant account processor like Paypound can do for your gaming merchant account as well as for your customers. 


There are a number of things we are offered by a good gaming merchant account. To meet all these requirements, Paypound has professionals who are handling every business with utmost honesty and intelligence. To keep your business updated and safe there is no better option in the market than Paypound. Best high-risk gaming merchant account services are being offered by us to more than thousands of happy customers. 

We’re experts in handling high-risk merchant payment processing for a variety of high-risk industries, both big and small. Where low-risk providers turn their back, we welcome you with open arms, ready to help high-risk businesses get approved and stay approved.

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