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Online casino merchants and gaming merchants are considered high risk due to the highly regulated nature of this industry and the potential threat of chargebacks. With regards to regulations, merchants from this industry have to comply with complex national and regional laws that govern operating this business.

These sites can be accessed by players across the globe and the business must deal with multiple set of laws. As a result of this complexity, most acquiring banks and processors do not approve online gambling merchants for card processing. PAYPOUND has a customised solution for this industry as we handle the risk in the most effective way.

Hurdles in securing a processing solution

In addition to the legal and regulatory concerns, the reason why processors and banks decline online gambling businesses is the chances of high-velocity chargebacks. Most of the online casinos regularly process large tickets and often process significant volume and if a rogue casino business decides to engage in fraudulent activity, this can result in a large number of chargebacks from their customers. As a result of this, the processing bank would end up facing huge liabilities.

At PAYPOUND we ensure to keep the risk under control by tracking the transactions and patterns to avoid any possible frauds. If you are running an online casino, securing a reliable credit card processor that enables you to accept payments across the globe with good approval ratio and regular payouts is very important. Unfortunately, finding a processor that can deliver this is difficult.


Thankfully there are a few good options for online gambling and casinos that can deliver a merchant account with good rates and efficiency.

We are proud to inform you that PAYPOUND can assist you in securing these type of accounts. These accounts can accommodate the high volume, high velocity and bigger ticket size and can be customised as per the needs of your business.

We also ensure the security of the transactions as we use 3Ds accounts and anti-fraud tools to pick up unusual activity. All this is done at a reasonable price and considerate terms.

Load Balancing

We can provide your business with more than one account to streamline your sales and reduce the risk.

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We work with various acquirers across the globe that specialise in securing processing solutions for the gaming industry.

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