Frequently asked


We are registered in the UK, however we provide our services on a global scale.

Our rates range widely and is decided based on the application and the approval as this is decided considering various factors which includes but is not limited to Industry, Processing volume per month, Ticket size, Geographical location of the customers, Previous processing history etc. Please get in touch with our team today to get a free quote.

We would want you to register with us to create an application. Once the application is approved, we can set you live in as less as 2-3 business days.

  • Passport of the director/UBO
  • Utility bill of director/UBO/Company – must be 3M valid
  • Articles of Association
  • License if applicable
  • Company bank statement
  • Domain ownership
  • Processing history if available

We use various MCC codes to have a better reach with regards to the geo locations covered and this is decided on a case to case basis as each business category has a specific MCC code assigned.

We extend our services to almost all the regions across the globe. Having that said there may be restrictions on certain regions which is decided based on the approval.

We can accept FTDs and also can support Whitelisted processing. Our solutions are customized to fit your needs and necessary changes can be done from time to time.

The payoutss are done as per the payout schedule and can be paid via Crypto or Wire transfer.

We have a dedicated team for support on Skype and our team can also be reached via email. All emails are reverted in less than 24-48 hours.

Yes, we do provide API for integration and our tech team will be available to assist you if required

Yes, we can make settlements in Crypto( BTC or USDT).

We work with various acquiring partners across the globe including but not limited to Europe, Asia, Africa and United States. The acquiring partner is decided based on the application depending on the requirements set forth by the partners.

We do not charge any monthly fees or maintenance charges, however there might be a one time set up fee which is decided based on your business. You would receive an agreement explaining the charges and fees before going live with us.

No, we at the moment do not support recurring/Subscription based payments.

We work with most of the businesses that are considered to be high risk like Gaming, Gambling, Forex, Crypto etc. However, we do have a restrictions on businesses that are into Online Pharmacy, Nutraceutical, Arms and Ammunition etc.

Success ratio depends on a lot of factors as the declines may increase if the card holders input wrong date, use a expired card or if they do not complete the authentication process. However, we have a success ratio of 65% on average and this can be different for different regions.

We at the moment can offer processing for Cards( VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Amex, Discover) and Crypto processing. We also do offer Alternate payment methods for certain regions which is decided on a case to case basis.

We can process all major currencies across the globe, however the base currency would be GBP, USD or EUR.

We at the moment do not process 2D transactions due to security reasons. We can offer you the option to pay by link which can be alternative for a VT as this will enable the card holders to make the transactions from their end.

Yes, we can provide processing solutions for businesses that are unregulated, however this is decided on a case to case basis depending on the application.

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