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One of the major benefits what customers feel straight from the first contact is when service is customer oriented, rather than bunch of procedures and checklists to complete while opening Merchant account or providing acquiring services.

Working with clients requests and following with high quality support we aim to be as much customer orientd as possible. While oppening a standard Merchant account could be STP process, but during the working process, good customer support might be vital and higly valued by our present and future customers.

Several options
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Mail, Chat, Call, or submit
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Our Customer Centre Department

PayPound has structured the Customer Care Department to ensure representatives have the technology and tools needed, with the proper levels of management support, training and supervision. The result is a team that daily demonstrates its dedication to quality and service through:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Relationship Management
  • Premier Relationship Support
  • Risk Management
  • Technical Support

Our Support

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