CBD merchant accounts


Cannabidiol is a lively ingredient in cannabis, derived from the hemp plant. The CBD industry is flourishing as it helps its users to overcome anxiety, insomnia, and depression. The businesses involved in the sales of CBD and CBD-related. products always need a reliable payment service provider to meet the demands and to collect payments for the orders. It is important to choose the right provider as they deliver physical products

Why Us

PAYPOUND is a user-friendly payment gateway that provides a smooth and rapid transfer between the merchant website or the acquiring banks. The sequence of tasks that are performed requires 3-4 seconds of time. The customer places an order on the merchant’s website by clicking on “place order” or “submit order “. The customers are requested to provide the card details to proceed with the transactions. This usually is completed using Secure Socket Layer Encryption. Once the transaction data is received, it is then passed on to the merchants acquiring bank, which in turn send the data to the issuing bank for authorization. The issuing bank submits a response with an attached code. This code defines the results of the request for authorization, which will either be “approved” or “declined” and the reason as to why the authorization was not granted.

PAYPOUND’s mission is to bring well-furnished, proven payment processing and banking services to regulated CBD merchants, which in turn reduces the risk of illegal money laundering and violation of state regulations. We have been professional consultants for CBD merchant processing as we have a huge network of acquirers that can accommodate this industry. We ensure to understand each business and take the necessary time to fully underwrite each application.

How we make a Diference

Quick Approvals

All applications are reviewed and Underwritten in less than 5-10 working days.

Industry Expertise

We have vast experience in placing CBD and CBD related businesses with our acquiring banks around the world.

Dedicated Account Managers

Each account will be having a dedicated manager to help you through the process of setting up an account and to resolve any issues thereafter.

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