Application Process


Applying for a high risk account is always free, with no obligation.When you decide to move forward with an application, a dedicated high risk merchant account specialist is assigned to guide you through the process.

Applying for a high risk merchant account is a straight forward process. You submit an application along with supporting documents.Account approvals can be as fast as 1 day although most high risk merchant account approvals take 3-7 days due to the time needed to properly underwrite a file.A complete application package is important for a quick approval.

How Underwriters Approve
High Risk Merchant Account Applications

Underwriters first examine the high risk merchant account application form to verify all the information is complete & correct. Then, the underwriting team moves on to the rest of the application package.

High risk merchants selling online must have fully-functioning, secure websites. All pages or links need to be fully operational. Customer service email and phone numbers need to be shown along with privacy, refund & other polices. If the website requires a user name & password for additional information, provide a demo or test login in the application package so the underwriters can have a look at what customers see.

Step 01

Step 02

During the application process, underwriters often “cold call” or email to see how customer service is handled. If calls go to voice mail, the message needs to include your company name and when the caller can expect a response. Then respond as promised. If email support is offered, use auto responders to let the consumer know the email was received and when a response can be expected.

Processing statements are reviewed and chargeback ratios are taken into consideration. If you have low chargebacks, that’s great. If chargebacks are rising, it’s helpful if you’ve included a short explanation with your application file as to the reason and what is being done to bring keep them under control.

Bank statements are examined to confirm there is enough operating capital to support the requested processing volumes. Corporate documents are verified. And the rest of the supporting documents are reviewed.

Once underwriting approves the high risk merchant account, an MID (merchant identification number) is issued. And you can begin processing.

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